Welcome to the official page of the Bethlehem Christian school library. At Bethlehem Christian School, we wish to instill in our children a love for reading. Our library offers access to good literature, providing our students with learning experiences beyond the classroom. We hope that your child’s educational experience may be enriched through the wonderful world of literature. Students may borrow books they find of interest, and we hope you find they will be both inspired and educated by these resources. Our BCS Library website allows students and parents to browse our library catalog and sign up for membership that allows students to reserve books and check on their loan status. 

School Library Benefits:

4 Important Reasons Why Students Should Go To The Library

1. School Libraries Have A Variety Of Books Made By Scholars

One of the best reasons why students should go to the library is the availability of scholarly sources. It is easier to find a scholarly source in the school library than on the internet.

2. School Libraries And Books Improve Focus And Concentration

"Studies have shown that reading something off a piece of paper, as opposed to a laptop screen aids concentration," Grade Slam explains. Reading a good book in a school library lessens the noise, chaos and distractions.

3. More Resources And Services

 Libraries have plenty of resources that can cater to specific needs of every student. They also have librarians who can help you out find the best source possible for your particular needs.

4. Plenty Of Opportunities For Socialization

Getting to know people is one of the best reasons why students should go to the library on a regular basis. A school library can be a great place for finding new friends and getting to know acquaintances better than you did before, 

 You can search our library for the availability of your desired book with the links below.